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As your creative partner for the development of customised and innovative gift packaging, we will help you create new product ideas, advise you on the product development and provide you with a suitable supplier.


We will be pleased to talk about your individual needs in a personal meeting and develop a suitable product together with you.


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If you are interested or if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.
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Special advertising materials

Are you looking for exclusive advertising materials to promote your brand?

Look no further!

Together with our international suppliers, we will search for the right product for you, based on your requirements, f.ex.:

Personalised suit bags
Personalised cases
Personalised watches
Personalised hangers
Personalised coffee bags (Facebook)
Personalised packaging for food ("To Go" -packaging)
Personalised serviettes or refreshing towelettes


Our products represent exclusivity and innovation.

Using new and creative products from all around the world, we will create absolutely unique advertising materials for you. 


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Personalised suit bags Carafes with Swiss Pine drops Coffee bags
Wine bags with logos Refreshing towelettes Pine wood Boxes