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As your creative partner for the development of customised and innovative gift packaging, we will help you create new product ideas, advise you on the product development and provide you with a suitable supplier.


We will be pleased to talk about your individual needs in a personal meeting and develop a suitable product together with you.


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If you are interested or if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.
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About us

Together with our clients, we create innovative product ideas for packaging and advertisement.

We offer support for the marketing of select beverages and gourmet foods and provide special advertisement materials that increase customer loyalty.

Creative gift packaging and individual advertisement materials are our specialty.

We break new ground and look for solutions off the beaten path. To do so, we monitointernational trends and rely on selected technology partners.

Being an external service provider, we make sure that all tasks are performed successfully and in the best possible way. 

We will ensure that the creation, idea generation, design development, sample manufacturing, research and comparison of suppliers, as well as the production are successful.


Our concept is to provide room for creativity and to discover new possibilities and potentials, while also exhausting all technological possibilities and producing economically.


(Wine racks: Different models on request) 


Stroebel Creative Style will find a unique product for you.